Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tale of Two Churches

I came across an interesting article about how people sometimes have 2 churches they call home. One of our members, Kerry Esparza commented: "I belong to 2 "mega-churches" in California: Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside and Saddleback Church in Lake Forest. ... Both churches are very well organized, and provide quality sermons and programs on a weekly basis. I actually live in Riverside, but Saddleback is my home church mainly because they have so many programs and opportunitiy for growth. Having both Greg Laurie of Harvest and Rick Warren as my pastors is really awesome. They both hit the nail on the head."

Kerry - Thank You! I think that's great. I think Greg is a terrific pastor and we are helping promote his Harvest Crusades. More power to the Kingdom! We will always consider you a member here. Just to clarify - Saddleback is the church where you give your tithe. Correct?

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