Monday, July 30, 2007

Purpose Driven Socks?

Yesterday I said that I found it embarrassing to go into a Christian bookstore because of all of the cheesy crap. Well, as my close friend R.M. reminded me - I'm part of the problem. After PDL became a best sellers - the masterminds of marketing at Zondervan came up with a series of "high quality" gifts. It's exactly the kind of crap you garage sale six months after you bought it. If traveling to impoverished nations has taught me anything - it's that we don't need leather bookmarks and cheap Bible covers. I'm afraid to ask what sweatshop this stuff was made in.

I've been thinking that we should find a way to distribute PDL for free! After all if it is going to bring "just one more" into the Kingdom isn't it worth it? So here's what I'm proposing - when my Zondervan contract is up - I post up online a free pdf version of The Purpose Driven Life 2.0 and an audiobook. (as long as 30% of the book is new content - it will be considered a new work.) Maybe we can make it standard on all the Negroponte OX laptops starting to ship.

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