Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shook Up

Kerry Shook was a guest speaker at a WillowCreek service several years ago. He learned from area shelters that shoes and underwear were the two biggest needs of homeless people. After preaching a sermon about the poor, Shook challenged attendees to leave their shoes on the platform if they felt led to do so. By the time the weekend services were finished, the church had collected more than 4,000 pairs of shoes.

So here's the idea - we can pull this off. Only I think instead of shoes we will have a sunday where we ask our congregation to give away their car. Wow! That would be amazing. If people "felt led" they could come up and drop their car keys on the stage. We would learn something about hardship that our brothers and sisters face around the world. 95% of people in the world can't afford a card - and most of us have 2 or more.

Just picture people streaming out onto Portola walking home! Those people would never forget that day for the rest of their lives. That's purpose, that's Hope for the world!

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