Monday, August 27, 2007

You've Been Chosen to Recieve a FREE* Gift!

Ok that's it. This is the last straw. I got a spam email from offering me a FREE copy of PDL. What's the catch? I had to sign up for Video Professor, Columbia House Music Club, Lasik Eye Surgery, TriClear Acne Treatment, 3 Credit Cards and Ivory Teeth Whitening.

Congratulations! To qualify for your FREE* The Purpose-Driven Life, start by fully completing the top offers listed below on this page! It's fast and easy!

Once you fully complete the offer eligibility requirements as outlined in the terms and conditions, we will ship the The Purpose-Driven Life to you for FREE*! Prior to us shipping the The Purpose-Driven Life, you will have the opportunity to re-confirm your shipping address to ensure a speedy delivery.

What??? Did they run out of iPhones and Plasmas?

Zondervan did you unload a warehouse full of books on these guys? or Are they just such savvy marketers that then know what will motivate "aol minivan moms" to open their emails. Why don't they just send out SPAM emails that say "Click on this banner ad and Get Into Heaven." Wait... they did.

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