Friday, August 17, 2007

They're Back! Bigger Than Ever!

Three days ago I said that "Church-Wide Campaigns" (CWC) were dead. I was wrong. Your jobs are safe. According to this list I found on the web - campaigns are as BIG AS EVER! Infact everyone is doing them or at least selling them!

Here's a short sampling:
- 50 Day Spiritual Adventures
- 30 Days of Praise
- Put Your Faith in Action
- The God Questions
- Porn Sunday
- Contagious Christian
- Narnia
- Just Walk Across The Room
- Life Together
- Why
- Sunday Solutions
- Willowcreek Resources
- Made to Count
- Rocky Balboa
- Creative Pastors
- Compassion International Sunday
- Granger Sermon Series
- Your Child - Focus on the Family
- Life Church Sermon Series
- Family Life
- Passage
- Project Constant Hope - ABS
- Zondervan church-wide campaigns
- Generous Giving
- God Is Closer Than You Thin - Ortberg
- lose it for life
- Thrive!
- United 93 (huh?)
- The Polar Express
- Understanding Your Teenage
- Maximizing Your Impact
- eWomen
- The Nativity Movie
- Facing The Giants
- Mothers of Preschoolers
- Walk Thru The Bible
- Gary Smalley
- Crown Financial
- AngelTree
- 30 Hour Famine
- Persecuted Church Sunday
- Good Sense
- The Essential 100
- City Reachers
- FCA Community
- Habitat
- Evan Almighty/Ark Almighty

Wow!!! If a local church particpated in half of those it would take them until 2012 to complete. No wonder we get so much junk mail here. Unless you got a best-selling book or a hit movie it's a minefield out there. I don't even know what to define as a campaign anymore.

That's only a partial list? What about VBS, Crusades, Walkathons and holidays?

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