Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PDL Poses A Security Risk!

Apparently at the Otisville Federal Prision they have banner PDL because it is a security problem. "We wouldn't want inmates discovering their 'purpose' - that kind of thinking might just start a p.e.a.c.e initiative" said The Warden, Boss Hog. Hog adds "Then last week, Aunt Mable tried to sneak the What On Earth Are We Here For? pamphlet in a sponge cake. Inmates starting smiling and saying please and thank you - all Hell almost broke lose."

This kind of censorship just isn't right - we need to get every inmate in America a copy of PDL. Peb get Rove on the phone - I understannd he needs something to do these days.

— (Fake) Rick 'Warden'

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