Monday, August 27, 2007

David Aikman Calls Off The Dogs.

Aikman posted this excellent article "ATTACK DOGS OF CHRISTENDOM" this morning on CT. Way to go David!

It reads:
"Lashing out in public at fellow Christians is objectionable—especially when the Christian influence on contemporary culture today is so weakened.

No attribute of civilized life seems more under attack than civility. If Christians blast each other from here to eternity with characterizations that differ little from the coarse vulgarity of cable TV, where on earth is the witness that brings grace and savor to our crumbling civilization?

Where is the gentleness, modesty, and wisdom with which we are supposed to shame those who mock and accuse the Body of Christ from outside?

Christians should set an example. By all means criticize fellow Christians if necessary, but do so with grace."

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