Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Term Limits for Televangelists

I've got a solution. MegaPastors like myself are constantly being criticized for having BIG EGO's and no accountability. Which in some cases is true. So here's the deal - once your church or ministry hits 10,000 people or 10 Million - your term limit clock starts ticking.

You've got a 4-year window to continue to serve. After those 4-years are up - you go for a vote before your constituency and you might be honored to serve another 4-years. THEN THAT'S IT! Get your transition plan in place because you are retired to go live in North Carolina, sit in a rocking chair and write prayer diaries or go work in a third world country. This means no appearances on The Surreal Life. If the next leader tanks the ministry...well maybe it wasn't suppose to be in the first place. (H.T. Rey)

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