Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Religion Reporter Tired of "Freak Show"

Bill Lobdell in last week's L.A. Times tells of his story to faith in O.C. and his departure from it.

I get you Bill. I understand. You've probably seen it all- so have I. So lets cut to the chase. Christians are sinners and do lots of awfull stuff - otherwise you would have been writing the heaven beat. Obviously, you saw things that you determined where "wrong" with faith leaders and institutions. So where does your criteria to measure right & wrong come from? I don't want to discount that fact that if many followers of religious faith live opposite to what they believe - it makes it hard to believe that it is real. But... Did the Bible advocate any of the corruption you came across? Did the Bible encourage any of those actions? No just the opposite.

Was your faith built on only the actions of people and your experiences with organized religious institutions? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going after we die? Who was Jesus? Is what makes Christianity different that fact that God reached down to save us - rather than us trying to guess/earn what makes us good enough?

If you lived on a desert island and only had access to a Bible would that make your faith experience different?

I invite you to read & look at Christianity through the eyes of apologetics. Engage the intellectual & historical side of faith. I would invite you to come hear me preach at Saddleback but I'm afraid if someone cut you off in the parking lot - you might never make it inside. Hey, I would even let you park in my reserved spot.

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