Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rock Star Karaoke. Day VIII.

(A new friend of mine is a guest blogger for a few days. His name is Dowa Manda and he is from the country of Malawi. I hope you enjoy his trip diary.)


Today was my full last day in fruit county. Mr. John joked that I could find a wife today and stay in America. I am 18 now and I should get married soon. Most men in Malawi only live to the age of 37. He brought me to the big church's Singles event. I was a little bit hesitant to go but Mr. John took me to South Coast Plaza Mall today and bought me a pair of pants and shirt from a dark store called Hollister. He said I look like a surf munthu.

I have never seen so many things to buy. I was embare-assed walking by a store called Victorian Secret, Mr. John said that I was not by myself.

Tonight at the big big church tent there was the Singles meeting called "Rock Star Karaoke" It was very very loud with lots of kuyimba and kuvina (singing and dancing). It was like a night club back home in dziko, but I have never been to one. I did not understand if this was for Jesus people or people who did not know Jesus. Some Chiphadzuwa--ngenge (beautiful girls, ladies) brought me up on stage to sing with them a song by... Bond Jovi???

The lyrics went like this...

Whooah, were half way there
Livin on a prayer
Take my hand and well make it -
I swear
Livin on a prayer

Tommys got his six string in hock

Now hes holding in what he used
To make it talk -
so tough, its tough
Gina dreams of running away
When she cries in the night
Tommy whispers baby its okay, someday

Weve got to hold on to what weve got

cause it doesn't make a difference If we make it or not
Weve got each other and thats a lot
For love -
well give it a shot

I did feel like a rockstar on stage in front of that many people. That's not like anything I've experienced in church.
After the event, Mr. John treated to us to a special American restaurant called McDonalds. We stayed in our car and drove up to a sign where Mr. John just called out numbers like songs in a hymnal. They asked if he wanted regular, large or super-sized - very strange customs. We drove around and they had our food already wrapped in paper inside a box inside a bag. Even the straws here have paper around them.

I asked Mr. John if he had ever slaughtered his nyama (meat) or watched as one was being killed. He said he never did, but understood that in America the process is very clean and merciful to the animals. I think it is Konsekonse mpeni wansengwa.

This has been an eye broadening trip for me. I will return to my little church with lots of stories and ideas. Rock Star Karoke Included! The day after tomorrow I will be back to my work at the fodya (tobacco) farm. Someday you might smoke one of the leaves I harvested.

I will continue to pray for you that you will not become distracted by the world around you and continue to focus on Jesus our Lord. I hope as well you will pray for the people who are ndikdwala (sick) and need chakuda (food) in Malawi.
Your graciousness has overfilled my hat.

Zikomo, Zikomo! - Dowa


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