Friday, October 19, 2007

The Journey. Part I.

I have asked a new friend of mine to be a guest blogger for a few days. His name is Dowa Manda and he is from the country of Malawi. I hope you enjoy his trip diary.

I send my love and greetings to you, Please pardon me as I am aware that this is not a conventional way of relaying such an important life story to you. Thank you gracious hosts for giving me the opportunity to travel and spend some time in your fruit county. Since leaving Chileka Airport things have seemed very new world to me.

I was warmly welcomed at the Mr. Cowboy John Wayne Aeroport with a hug and smiles from representatives (John & Jennifer) from your wonderful church. I climbed into a large vehicle as big as one of our jeep-jeeps. It had dark windows and four doors like Bingu wa Mutharika would drive. The fabric was thick animal skin and I did not understand that we left with 3 empty seats in our vehicle - while people still stood outside the aeroport waiting for a ride with their suitcases?

In Malawi things are very different, each jeep-jeep is filled with people in every seat and standing where they can. The jeep-jeep takes you to a spot then you walk miles from there. It was a great surprise to drive right to my hosts home after my long journey from Blantyre.

We arrived at Mr. John's house at dark. It had many, many rooms. Even a room for the vehicle with a door that opens by itself! I was expecting a large sleeping room where everyone would stay. I have never slept in a room of my own, it was very nervous. The bed is very large and too soft. I will probably sleep on the floor with 2!!! very soft pillows. So many books in this house.

Mrs. Jennifer asked what I was hungry for. I said yes. She said she could fix many different things to eat and wanted to know what I would like. I said I would eat what was on the plate. Then we ate more food after we ate the meal, this must be a special food just for celebrations called dessert. Ice cream - my first new fruit county favorite. I was going to clean the dishes but Mr. John said that he had a machine to do that.

Tomorrow, we will go to a small church meeting with other people that meets in a house.

- Dowa

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