Friday, October 5, 2007

The Blogs Have Spoken!

The blogs are in - people had nice things to say and they actually listened!

Catalyst blog said:
Sometimes when the final session of the day rolls around, the crowd begins to thin. Not today. With Rick Warren as Thursday’s final speaker, the crowd was glued to their seats. Rick did not disappoint. His passion for next generation leaders, combined with his passion to pursue God’s agenda, made a memorable session. I’ll still be digesting his presentation for days to come. Highlights are listed below, but the richness of the message is too much to summarize. Be sure to view the executive summary for the complete content of Rick’s message.

Brandon said:
While Rick was talking I was speechless. He just walked up on stage with no notes and sat down in a chair and spoke. I was so just in awe to watch a man that was truly abandoned to God. Say what you want about him...he is doing things that most people have never had the faith to even dream of. He spoke about God's agenda. The kingdom. The church. People.

Mark The Youth Guy Said:
Mainly through the words of Francis Chan and Rick Warren, I was blindsided (yes, as I was hit by a Mack Truck in the middle of an intersection), upon the realization that I've been ignoring those most important to Jesus - the poor, broken, disenfranchised, etc. I guess I just thought it was the thing most of the pastors were ripping off each other's sermons for this moment in time, that we'd all start talking about "the oppressed."

Kevin Bussey said:
Rick Warren capped off the evening. I’m sure just because I posted his name I will get traffic from those Rick Warren haters. I don’t understand why there are so many Rick Warren haters. Tonight he talked about how if we really loved God then we would help those who are helpless.

Dave Feguson said:
Rick did the closing session at Catalyst and did great job. I had heard part of this message before, but it is such great stuff that I was glad to hear it again. I needed it.

Mark Waltz said:

At any rate… Rick taught in his normal sockless fashion, this time in flipflops – and barefoot most of the time... In his session: Jesus takes it personally when we say "I love Jesus, I just don't like his body." Rick suggested that this statement is as offensive as someone saying, "I love you, I just don't like your wife. Or, I love you, I just don't like your body." We would be offended. We need to love the church – not merely as we think it should be, but as she is.

John Crane said:
This evening culminated with Purpose-driven guru, Rick Warren, sounding a similar clarion call: "The purpose of influence is to speak up for those who have no influence." We all have varying degrees of influence. But we must candidly ask ourselves, "How well are we doing at leveraging our influence on behalf of those who have none?" Hopefully, the Church can pursue a renewed vision for authentic love for our neighbors in the tradition of Christ Himself. Do you want to be a part of what Warren calls the "Reformation Generation"? I do. And my hope is that I will be catalyzed toward that end. I pray we all will be.

Bird family took good notes and said:
It's been 500 years since we've had a reformation in the church...the first one was about Creeds, the Second one needs to be about deeds. Not what the church knows, but what the church does! The arms and legs of the church have been amputated, and all that's been left is a BIG MOUTH!

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