Friday, September 14, 2007

A Rose By A New Name?

Here is a the video from when I was on Charlie Rose. It was very good interview - but I actually wish it had gone like this...

Fake Charlie: Rick Warren is here, he is the founding pastor of one of the best known churches today, it has 80,000 people on it's roster. I'm please to have him at this table for the first time. I gotta say you look good in the suit and tie I loaned you. I'm sorry we don't allow hawaiian shirts on the show.

Fake Rick: Thank you for having me on the show Charlie, and thanks for the wardrobe. By the way, what's a roster?

Fake Charlie: Rick, lets jump right in. Lets address that elephant in the room. If I don't believe what you believe am I going to Hell?

Fake Rick: Great question Charlie. Before I answer that, what do you believe?

Fake Charlie: I'm asking the questions here, but I will tell you. I believe there is a Higher Power. Basically the same God that all world religions acknowledge. Still, I'm not sure that this God has any interest in us as individuals.

Fake Rick: Sure, I know many people who hold that position. Let me ask you a follow-up question then I will turn the questions back over to you. Do you believe world religions are the same or that they have points of contention with each other? and... What Do you believe happens to you when you die?

Fake Charlie: Obviously all world religions don't agree otherwise we would all get along, right? I believe that when I die it will be like going to sleep or if there is a so-called heaven and hell then I'm a pretty good person and God will let me in. Is that what you believe?

Fake Rick: No.

Fake Charlie: How do your beliefs differ?

Fake Rick: Charlie what basis do you think you are a pretty good person? You've already admitted to me that you replaced the water in this glass with vodka. Do you think God grades on a curve? You just need to be a little bit better than the next guy, so he will go to Hell?

Fake Charlie: I don't really think there is a hell. Do you?

Fake Rick: Hell yes! Everybody needs to bet on something. I'm betting that the Bible is true and the Jesus is our ticket to having a personal relationship with God. Every other world religion is about man trying to attain some kind of enlightment, a level which you earn - while Christianity says there is nothing you can do to be "pretty good" - so you need to accept the gift of the sacrifice of Jesus for all that other stuff in your life that isn't good. So simple a child can do it.

Fake Charlie: John & Rene can we turn off the cameras for a moment.
This is radical stuff Rick. What doesn't anyone talk about this? I'm interviewing the top intellectuals in the world who are striving for money, fame and power and you are telling me that they are missing the big picture? How can I get this gift?

(closed set)

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