Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Talking Here... Anyone With Me?

Has anyone heard anything I've said? I thought so.

Starting today - I'm asking nicely - NO MORE LAPTOPS IN MEETINGS. You guys are IM'ing each other, answering emails, looking up recipes, Solitare, YouTubin, GooglEgo-in - while acting like you are taking notes. You know who you are. What is it with this generation? Are you all A.D.D.? Don't get me wrong - I love you guys - but we need a little respect around here. Computers are great, remember I was the futurist who called them "connectors" for a while and thought about how we could get every church member a DELL.

I don't want to have to make this a policy, or kill the Wi-Fi - next meeting, backup slowly and move away from your desk - you can do it - I have faith in you.

(and I'm not even gonna mention those anti-socialites wearing the white ipod headphones - who say "they help me concentrate, its soooo noisy, blah blah blah")

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