Thursday, September 27, 2007

Alleged PDL Counterfeit Ring Busted.

Columbia, South Carolina - After a 9-month sting investigation, an alleged counterfeiting ring producing illegal copies of Purpose Driven Life materials was uncovered at a flea market in Columbia. The alleged ring was first detected after several people reported heavy industry printing smells coming from the basement of Fourth Baptist Church of Columbia. Later determined to be a potluck. Pastor Wilbur Nooklesally told the District Attorney that "They believed they were doing the work of God."

Among the alleged counterfeited items were books, 40 Days of Purpose Keychains, Purpose Driven Life Journals, Round Polyurethaned PDL Wall Plaques made from sliced trees with bark.

"At first we thought these items were be shipped in from Asia, but after closer examination we found that they were being made locally and shipped to Hong Kong. Their methods were very sophisticated using the lastest scanners and digital printers." said Agent Trackbaski.

Yale Galanter has agreed to defend Pastor Nooklesally under the condition that he doesn't grant any interviews. Galanter said "He doesn't believe the alleged items are counterfeit, but instead believes they have been aquired secondhand on Ebay by churches who already completed the 40 Days campaigns." There was no comment on whether or not 40 Days of Community was included in the alleged counterfeiting.

Pastor Nooklesally is being held without bail at Shuffleboot County Federal Facility where he received a free copy of The Purpose Driven Life compliments of St. Andrews Baptist Church.

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