Saturday, September 29, 2007

Adopting The World's Worldviews.

When I wrote this article - "Six Worldviews The Church is Competing Against" - I wanted the church to be aware of them - NOT to try and emulate them. I know we are looking for new ways to do outreach, involve our congregations in activities and reach the lost, but I think sometimes we've "lost" it...

1. Materialism.
Materialism says that the only thing that really matters in life is acquiring things. So, I wasn't saying that you should try to lure people to your church with a lottery or chance to win a house. (is this what some people mean by the new "house church movement?")

2. Egocentrism
I was warning of the Me Generation's "serve me first" attitude - not encouraging it! Yet, everytime I turn around someone is having a men's golf tournament for charity. Yeah, like that's a sacrafice. Maybe the women can start having a "shop-a-thon" and you can sponsor them for $.50 for every $1 dollar they spend.

3. Hedonism
The belief that the most important thing in life is how we feel. The number one goal of a hedonist is to feel good, be comfortable, and have fun. Again, we can even turn this one into a church event! "What woman doesn’t need some time to Rejuvenate, Invigorate, & Celebrate? In this weekend of refreshment, Kathi leads women to renewing their relationship with God through learning new ways to experience their friendship with Him and each other. An incredible SPA weekend only God could design !"

4. Pluralism/Relativism
I think it is fantastic that the Church is diverse and reaches people in many different ways, but then it sometimes falls off the map. Like today in Huntington Beach... "Join Us for the Interfaith Blessing of the Animals. Free to the public and their pets. Seniors, families, singles, and children are encouraged to bring their dogs, cats, birds, lizards, rabbits, pot-bellied pigs, fish, tortoises, turtles and other well-behaved pets. After brief words from each of the seven faith leaders dressed in traditional garb, the menagerie of participants will line up single-file to be blessed."

At least I haven't received a postcard in the mail from another church inviting me to a "random acts of evolution" Sunday or "Join us to create your own god, bingo night," but I'm worried I might.


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