Tuesday, September 18, 2007

10 Things I Love About Our Church

10 Things I Love About Our Church That I Wish Other Churches Would Copy

10. We don't use cheesy clip art for our website people photos - and Yes, we really do have hispanics in our church and no we don't make them meet at 3pm on Sunday afternoons.

9. We don't take ourselves too seriously. How many Vision New England churches can you wear flip-flops and carry a Bible to on Sunday morning and not get called a hippie.

8. Our new student zone. Makes me want to go back to the 7th grade so I can be one of the cool kids or at least invite them to go with me to church.

7. We successfully design our church around the person who doesn't normally go to church. Imagine if the rest of the world tried that strategy... Hummer advertising to senior citizens... broccolli farmers marketing to children... Krispy Kreme selling to Olympic athletes

6. The fact that everyone loves a good A.C.R.O.S.T.I.C



5. We create things with other churches in mind. If more churches did this maybe we could eliminate flannel boards forever.

4. Baptisms matter more than attendance numbers. If we got prune fingers we know we are doing something right!

3. At Saddleback, recovery isn't a bad word. We knew it even before GWB said it. Although guys you could update this page, not that I'm being critical.

2. We aren't on TV. Infact, we were YouTube before it was invented. Someday we will laugh and laugh about our early bitrates!

1. No matter what anyone else says we know "The Church" isn't just the O.C. or even the USA. Others think we're a "megachurch" but try telling that to the Chinese in 7 years. (We don't even call ourselves a megachurch- see how many times it is used - just enter "megachurch" into our search box on saddlebackfamily.com)

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