Sunday, August 5, 2007

Old old old aged philosophy.

I came across a blog written by "victoria secret"

This is the first chapter from the book by Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life. Well, I never exactly finish the book, but I kinda agree with what is written there, not totally though. Not that I think it is wrong, but I just think noone has the perfect wisdom...

Unfortunately, most churches are strongly adhering to the old old old aged philosophy of homosexuality. I think the church needs to see this issue more objectively. The number is increasing. I think it is not because there are more and more becoming gay, it is just the increase tolerance that cause many to come out, be it celebrities or even pastors....

The relationships between God and man is illustrated with the relationship of husband and wife. As Christ the groom and we/ the church as his bride. The fact that we no longer have desire for the opposite sex shows contempt to this very nature of relationship betwen God and man...

Many of us could claim that there are many sins in the world, poverty, evil deeds and many things that are much worse than homosexuality- please… our bed is our biz, mind yours! Heheh.. true.. perversions occur in many forms. It would not be appropriate to put judgment on homosexuals. Yeah… this is where discernment comes in.

This is what scares me about writing books. Today, people read what they want to read, and choose to believe only what fits with their made-up worldview. Victoria, PDL has like 1200 scripture references in it - so it's really not my wisdom. I'm glad you are reading and thinking about these things, but why is that the church is not objective and needs discernment? To say what is done in "our bed is our biz" - just shows you are compartmentalizing your faith to only the issues you agree with God on.

The idea that we should not be judged is a fallacy. When you become a member of a church you enter into a relationship with that church where they provide spiritual oversight. This means - if your actions are contrary to the Biblical values you agreed to - then the church has the responsibilty to bring it to your attention. Imagine if it wasn't like that - then everyone could pick and choose what they thought was right and wrong and no one would have any basis/authority to say otherwise. If you are saying that God/the Bible say it's ok to live a homosexual lifestyle then we need to have a different discussion.

Victoria, you will always be welcome to join us at Saddleback. We won't treat you as an outcast - we are all sinners in different ways - but we also won't allow you to be in a position of leadership - if you choose to practice an active gay lifestyle.

Ok, I said it. Now all you liberal media types can just take that last sentence and misquote me.

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