Thursday, August 9, 2007

Not Yet Rated.

You've been asking for it. So here's the latest on the film from my friend Ralph.

From a Christianity Today interview with Ralph Winter-- the Christian producer of films like X-Men, Planet of the Apes, etc:

CT: Since The Passion of The Christ, there's been so much press about how Hollywood "learned a lesson" about how inviting 800 pastors to a Saddleback screening fills theaters. Do you think we really will see things change?

W: I think studios will try to unleash every cheesy little thing they can do. That's why this Purpose-Driven Life project is so interesting.

CT: What is The Purpose-Driven Life project? Are you making it into a movie?

W: Rup comes to us and says, "Let's make it. I'll fund it."

CT: How are you going to turn this non-fiction, inspirational volume of life principles into a sci-fi movie?

W: You've got to create a story. Think Planet of the Apes—that's probably a good place to start. Find disparate stories that converge and illustrate [one or two of the] principles, find good characters in monkey costumes. If this works, well, you've got 39 films to make, or 12 more principles, or 40 Days of Apes.

There are some who are worried about getting away from POTA. But let's write the script first, and let's see what that tells us about how big or how small it will be.

Stay tuned! We are going into production this winter.(no pun intended) I will make a short cameo as Cornelius. The action figures are gonna be hot!


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