Monday, July 23, 2007

Putting the royal in royalties.

When I was in Asia last time doing a speaking engagement
I was given a copy of my book in an Asian language.
So I'm thinking 'this is cool' ...but, then I look at the cover.
The local pastor had put his picture on my book! Whaaaat?
He also included his own commentary inside. Is the eight
commandment that different from culture to culture? I
just smiled and went along with it.

Obviously I don't need the royalty money, but what is it
about the church that they think it's ok to steal content?
I go to (you know it's the site where
pastors appropriate someone else's sermon and deliver to
their church like they wrote it.) Well, my sermons are always
popping up with other people's names on them. OK, so you
can criticize me for copyrighting the Good News but I've
invested a lot of effort to brand the Gospel in the "RDW style."

So pay me my royalties then I can give most of it away
- everybody wins.

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